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Joey Palestina is a cross-medium artist. He is best known for his role as Sgt. Mikey Fries in David Simon's We Own This City. He spearheads the tech-noir/synth-wave music project Paultra Violet who released their first album, 'We've Already Happened' in August 2023. Plastic Magazine called it a "cautionary work of art." He is a LAByrnith Theater Company Member. His first play, WAVE_HEAD was featured at LAB's 2021 Barn Series Readings and his latest play Fruitopium will be featured at LAB's 2024 Barn Series in New York City. He has written monologues for the 24 Hour Plays and just recently wrote an audio-play called Guy Donalson for The Lovely Dark Podcast. He is also co-creator of animated series, Mental Fläuse. He has a BFA in Acting and MA in Counseling both from Montclair State University

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